Raspy Cottontail

Our raspy cottontail call is capable of producing realistic ear-ringing sound with little effort while having enough control to work predators in tight!  This call is made from high quality black walnut and is deadly with a classic style.  It has a durable finish and engraved Griebel Game Calls logo. It’s effective on predators around the world and has a lifetime guarantee!


Price: $24.95


High-pitched Cottontail

Our high-pitched cottontail call has just the right amount of volume.  It’s deadly on ‘cats, fox, ‘yotes and other predators around the world and has a lifetime guarantee!  

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Price: $19.95


 “Mad Jack”

If you’re looking for a call that you can really put your heart into, here it is!  This open-reed call produces an endless variety of sounds from jackrabbits to birds.  It’s simple to use, provides good volume, and will surely help you put more critters in the fur shed!


Price: $24.95



“Loess Hills Howler”

A lot of predator hunters have taken to the field in recent years.  Some have been very successful, others have educated a lot of critters, especially coyotes.  Howling can add a whole different approach to your calling arsenal.  It is very effective through out the entire year.  By learning to use a howler you’ll be able to hit that territorial nerve or better yet, take advantage of a coyote’s instinct to mate.  You can be sure that howling will get you more shots at ‘yotes.

With a little practice, you will be able to make all of the sounds in the coyote vocabulary including great male, female, and pup howls.  Wounded dog sounds are really easy to make, and with a little effort you can make fawn bleats, jackrabbit sounds, and woodpecker sounds. Also, if you are a turkey hunter, this call will be a great asset to  you when you’re trying to locate gobblers.


Price: $29.95



“Ridge Runner Howler”

Smaller than the Loess Hills Howler but no less lethal!  This call produces great sound without much air.  It has plenty of volume to kill ‘yotes and won’t  make your ears ring quite as bad. Makes any sound in the coyote vocabulary as well as prey distress sounds!


Price: $24.95



“Bandit Buster” ‘Coon Squaller

If you’ve never tried coon calling you are missing out on a great time.  This call will definitely help you get some shots at ringtails.  If you run hounds, it is extremely useful when trying to locate treed coon.  They just can’t resist looking when you blow The Bandit Buster ‘coon  squaller!



Price: $24.95



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