“Marsh Master”

It’s a loud, semi-raspy, sweet sounding single-reed duck call. It will provide you with the volume that you need on windy days and produces sounds needed to allow you to finish ducks.  It’s easy to use from the top end to the bottom and doesn’t take a lot of air.


Price: $49.95



“Sweet Talker”

Calls just don’t get any better and those ol’ drakes are suckers for a sweet talkin’ hen.  This is a double reed call that produces killer sound.  It’s easy to blow, looks great, and sounds ducky!  This is our go to call!


Price: $49.95



“River Rat”

Hunting in lazy waters of flooded timber calls for a little more subtle calling.  This one gets it done by producing excellent sound without the ear ringing volume!

Price: $49.95

Wood Duck Whistle

A hand-crafted Wood Duck call with perfect sound.  If you haven’t taken advantage of the fast shooting that decoying woodies offer you are missing out!  Just grab a few blocks, find a farm pond, and hit them with a few squeals!

Photo coming soon!


Price: $24.95


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