“Black Feet Down”

A fantastic short-reed goose call! It is easy to blow and will make any sound in the Canada Goose vocabulary. This call is loud with mellow tones.  It sounds great in the field or on the water. The reed in this call allows anyone who uses it to master the short-reed.  With a little practice, you easily become very proficient at making all of the sounds honkers do and get some black feet down over your dekes.


Price: $49.95


“Arctic Blaster”

This call produces extremely loud, sharp snow goose sounds. It will also allow you to make the feeding murmurs and grunts that will help finish birds. Obviously no hand call can compare to the effectiveness of electronic calls on big flocks of snows but supplementing your calling routine when working singles is deadly! If you hunt Canadas in snow goose country, why not grab one of these calls, throw out some dekes, and increase your chances of doing some shooting each fall? 


Price: $49.95




If you’ve never shot a speck, you’re missing out.  They have to be one the of the best tasting critters out there.  The best part is they love to work decoys!  You just have to make the right sounds.  If you hunt specifically for them, or just have a few fly by now and then, this call will bring them into gun range.  It’s loud and makes the sounds every white-front wants to hear!


Price: $49.95




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