Premium Diaphragm Calls




Price: $12.99






Straight Double A simple and effective double reed call.  It’s deadly and comes in killer colors, red with black latex.  This is a great beginner’s call!

2.5 reed Cutter V It’s our go to that produces medium raspy yelps and cuts! A yellow call with black and white reeds displays the colors of Iowa!

3 reed  Split VA great all around call with plenty of volume! This call is one of our biggest sellers in neon pink with black reeds.

4 reed Cutter    It takes a little air but will cut the wind and reach way out there to get the attention of roaming gobblers! If you need to fire a bird up, this is your call! A blue call with red and white reeds to show your patriotism!

Snake Bite Another all purpose call that is a little raspier than the others and is easy to control! The gray body with red and black reeds makes this call look lethal….and it is!

Bat Fang A  stone cold turkey killer.  This is a white call with black and white reeds.  Just a bit raspier than the Bat Wing, simple, and deadly.

3 Reed Cutter We made this call neon green with yellow and white reeds.  It’s an easy to use hard cutting call that will fire up birds across the country!

Bat Wing  Easy to find neon orange and easy to use!  This call has just enough rasp and control to be popular, and effective, everywhere!


“Boss Lady” Pot Call

Our turkey pots are just plain deadly.  Constructed from high quality hardwoods with a durable finish and laser engraved logo these calls will look good and get the job done anywhere you find big gobblers!  We make calls with high quality Pennsylvania slate, black anodized aluminum, and blasted crystal striking surfaces.  Each of the surface has great volume and can produce a wide variety of sounds!  We’ll send it to you ready to talk turkey or, if you prefer, we’ll let you condition the striking surface to your liking.  






Price: $39.95



“Evil Twin” Double-sided Pot Call

This call is extremely versatile with two striking surfaces!  Cutting, purring, and yelping are all easy to master on this call.  The large clear crystal surface can hit the extreme pitches and volume that longbeards can’t resist in any weather.   Flip the call over and work the smaller Pennsylvania slate surface for more subtle work that is needed to finish wary toms!  We can prep your call so it’s hunt ready or send it to you to condition on  your own.   


Price: $44.95



Griebel Game Calls Hardwood Flare-Tip Strikers

These strikers are made from a variety of select  hardwoods that each produce slightly different sounds.  They are well balanced and the flared tips are more user friendly than straight edge style strikers.  Choose from walnut, hickory, spalted maple, or purpleheart to bag your bird this season!


Price: $15.95


Griebel Game Calls Hardwood Straight-Tip Strikers

These strikers are made from hickory and maple to produce ultra-realistic sounds.  They are well balanced and the straight tip makes putting, cutting, and purring easy!


Price: $10.95




Griebel Game Calls Conditioning Stone

A must have if you own a pot call with a glass or crystal surface. Quickly prep your call at home, or in the field,  to produce great sound!


Price: $9.95



“The Limb-hanger” Box Call

Our traditional box call has a durable finish, is hand tuned, looks good, and sounds great!   The walnut and hickory construction in this call produces great volume and raspy hen sounds at just the right tone.  Produce the clucks, yelps, and purrs of multiple hens by mastering both sides of the call.  You’ll receive this call chalked, tuned,  and ready to bring a limb-hanger on the run!



Price: $49.95


“Double Beard” Box Call

This box call has a little different shape that some prefer for better control over the call.   The walnut version will make any sound you can imagine a turkey call making and the walnut/cherry option offers a slightly different tone with a different look!  By utilizing both sides of either call, you can make the sounds of multiple hens.  This call is hand tuned, chalked, and ready to dupe a gobbler!


Price: $49.95



Griebel Game Calls Box Call Chalk

If you want to keep any wooden box call running at it’s best, you’ll want to grab some box call chalk.  This chalk will help keep your call tuned and  won’t build up resulting poor sound quality.  If you keep it dry, you’ll be able to do a lot of hunting on one stick!  Also, the black chalk that we use on our calls won’t be mistaken for a turkey head like red, blue, or white chalks used by many call makers. As always, shipping is included in the price!




Price: $6.95


“Black Death” Crow Call

Our crow call, just like our other products, sounds just right, has a durable finish, and sweet logo. When you’re out in the woods chasing gobblers, a crow call can be your best friend.  Locate toms before you stumble across them.  We’ve also found that making a few crow sounds while predator hunting helps coyotes and fox feel a bit more comfortable on their way to the call. Of course a crow call is a must when your hunting crows. If you’ve never tried it, you’re missing out. The shooting can be fast and furious. Give this call a try and you’ll see why we call it Black Death. None of us go to the turkey woods with out one!







Price: $19.95


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