Make a few extra bucks by marketing your prime predator pelts!  Check out the tools below to help you process fur quickly.  Shipping charges are included in the price.  Let us know if you need more than one item and we’ll try to save you a little extra!

Skinning Gambrel 

This 8″ steel gambrel is a necessity in the fur shed.  It’s the perfect size for ‘coon, fox, coyotes, and ‘cats!  It’s light-weight but sturdy enough to last!



Price: $14.95


Tail Zipper

 The fastest, safest, and easiest way to split tails on predator pelts!


Price: $5.95



Tail Puller

 This aluminum tail puller makes quick work of stubborn tails of all sizes.  It’s durable and will save you a lot of time and effort while improving the quality of your pelts!  If you don’t lose it, it will last a lifetime.


Price: $13.00



Fur Comb

 This fur comb is American made and built to last!  The heavy duty teeth and comfortable handle will help  you work out any matted fur ensuring top dollar for you marketed pelts!



Price: $17.95



Resharpened knife

These knives have been resharpened and rehoned. Each is slightly different but for the money, you won’t find a better knife.  Choose from three sizes!

20160612_075503 (1)

Price: $11.95



Skinning Apron

This nylon skinning apron will keep you clean while processing your predators!  


Price: $15.95


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